Proud of myself!

19 Mar

In a previous post, I spoke about how cookies were my all-time comfort food. Britton and I don’t keep them in the house because I will eat them all. In one sitting. I wish I was kidding.

Well, I am proud to report that things have changed! Since doing the detox, some things just taste a bit too sweet, whereas before, they tasted perfectly delicious! We bought some Midel Chocolate Snaps the other day, the night we bought them, I had 1 serving, and felt satisfied. Then I didn’t have any for the past couple days, and last night I had one serving, and forgot about them!

Those who know me know how HUGE this is for me.

The hardest thing about recovering from bulimia was to stop binge eating. When I was in highschool and living with my Grandma, there was always a full cookie jar. Those cookies were a huge part of my binges. In fact, the binge often started with a couple of cookies – which then turned into 14-16 cookies. I’m proud to report that binge eating is now part of my past, whereas it used to happen on a fairly regular basis. However, I do sometimes relapse. Cookies are a total trigger food for binges (for me).

As a reward, I’ve decided to try an experiment tonight…. A mad science experiment *lightning strikes* BWAHAHAAAA

Tonight, I am going to attempt to make my very own detox lemonade (Inspired by the Detox beverage I wrote about a few posts back)

I am going to need – water
– white grape juice
– lemon juice
– Ginger pieces (to steep into ginger tea)

Stay tuned to see how it turns out!!!

If this works, I will be able to have lemonade this summer!! I’m so excited!! Britton and I never buy the stuff because we refuse to spend money on any juice that isn’t 100% pure fruit juice.

Lemonade is the best drink ever. But only on warm spring or summer days. Or during the winter boycott.


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