Doing something for myself every day and the dangers of refined sugar

14 Mar

The dictionary has a broad definition for poison: to exert a harmful influence on, or to pervert

Sugar Cane and Sugar Beet are full of vitamins and nutrients naturally. When we make refined sugar, we take all those healthy things out. Leaving us with pure, refined carbohydrates. says it best:

sugar is worse than nothing because it drains and leaches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion, detoxification and elimination makes upon one’s entire system. So essential is balance to our bodies that we have many ways to provide against the sudden shock of a heavy intake of sugar. Minerals such as sodium (from salt), potassium and magnesium (from vegetables), and calcium (from the bones) are mobilized and used in chemical transmutation; neutral acids are produced which attempt to return the acid-alkaline balance factor of the blood to a more normal state.

I have also just recently been fromally diagnosed with ADHD, and the effects of sugar on this dissorder have been proven again and again. sugar exacerbates symptoms like innatentivemess, and possibly even agression in children with ADHD.

Whew. Enough sciency stuff for one morning!

I’m sure you’re all sick of reading “what I ate”.  So today I’m going to skip it. Just know that day 5 was a smashing success, and I got my dairy alternatives in!! Woo!!

Through this journey, I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing I feel about myself. My skin is improving, my moods are more stable, my libido has increased, my energy levels are out of this world… I feel as though I could take on anything!

I’ve decided that once this week is over, I want to continue with it. That’s not to say that I won’t allow myself the odd treat here or there, but I’m not interested in going back to the way I felt pior to this journey.

I also find that I really took this week seriously in terms of detoxifying my body and taking care of myself. I did something for myself every single day. Last night, I gave myself a mani, pedi and mini facial (I did them at home with a friend). It felt great! I also did a hot-oil treatment for my hair (since tanning really dries it out, and I’ve been working hard to have healthy, shiny hair!)

Britton even got in on the action and let me put a face mask on him! Too funny (and a little tricky with a beard) !!

I’m a busy busy girl, but it’s nice to make myself a priority. I sometimes wonder if this is all due to the pressure and motivation a wedding can bring to a Bride. I’m sure it is. I really hope this continues after my wedding though. Do I really need a “goal date” like my wedding to make myself a priority?? I think not.

Well, I’m off, today is cardio day of my new workout program, and  homework awaits!


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