Sugar-Free Week – Day 4

13 Mar

I cannot believe I made it to day four!!!

Breakfast: 1 banana and some peanut butter.

Yeah…. I slept in and was in a HUGE rush to get to school. I never skip breakfast, so banana and PB it was!!

Snack: raw veggies and humus (it’s probably in my veins at this point!)

Lunch: HUGE salad made with mixed feild greens (likedandelion greens, baby spinach, purple lettuce) chickpeas, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, mushrooms, onion, cherry tomato… and a generous amount of homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Snack: one slice of whole wheat bread and almond butter

Dinner: vegetarian plate at Villa Madina. (their tabouleh was GROSS!)It was pretty yummy!

Snack: one tofurkey sausage

Something sweet: strawberries blended with ice – deeeeelicious!

Detox: An epsom salt and green tea bath
I always put two big handfuls of epsom salts into my bath, and 4 bags of green tea. You can buy a big bag of 100 No Name green tea bags for super cheap at most grocery stores. The anti oxidants are good for your skin, and I hear that caffeine on the skin is good for cellulite and promoting circulation to the skin! (thankfully, I do not have cellulite)

While i am very pleased with my choices the past few days, writing down everything I eat has made me realize that when I don’t eat cereal, I don’t get ANY dairy-alternatives!! Canada’s food guide suggests that women should have about 2 servings of dairy daily.

My challenge, especially for the rest of the week, it toincrease my intake of dairy alternatives. I’ve bought some unsweetened soy yogourt… blegh. We’ll see how it goes!


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