Invitation Station

12 Mar

Now that the invitations have been sent out and I’m fairly confident that everyone will have received them by now, I can post what they look like!!

First let me say a big thank you to my friend Amanda!!! She spent hours designing them with me. She was the womanpower behind the computer that turned my vision into reality.

the process of making these babies started a few weeks after Britton proposed. A stationary and paper store here in town was clsing it’s doors for good and all inventory was 60% off!!
All I knew at that time was that my colours were green, and chocolate brown! We didn’t even have the hall booked yet, but we were pretty sure where we wanted it!
I went in with Amanda and we snatched up chocolate brown envelopes, green 5.5×5.5 cardstock, and RSVP cards.
The best part? the paper is 100% post-consumer recycled!

(keepin’ it green is a HUGE priority of ours)

The paper and envelopes were stashed away for months. And finaly, a year later, they were brought out again and Amanda and I sat down and figured out what I wanted. After a few hours of hiding away in her computer room, we emerged victorious! With 90 finished invitations in hand!!!

Steph and Britton’s Invite (eng)

YAY!!!!! I love them so much!!


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