Sugar Free Week Day 2

11 Mar

Breakfast: same exact breakfast as yesterday, except I had raisins instead of blueberries, and no almond-hazelnut butter.

Snack: Stacey’s pita chips (deeeelicious) in Simply Naked and humus (of course!). Ilove these pita chips!! only 190 calories for the whole bag! since they are made of real pita that has been baked. They are nice and crunchy too, which is a treat!

Lunch: about 2 cups of carribean vegetable stew. (feelin’ HOT HOT HOT) this stew was spicy!! I also LOVED how it had swet potato instead of white potato. Aparently it’s health month at our school… when I found out they were serving this, I could not resist.

Snack: larabar

Dinner: Amy’s shepherd’s pie, and a Guiltless Gourmet black bean burrito.
For the record, I don’t usually eat so much packaged stuff in one day, but we had plans to be with sme friends of ours. I planned ahead and bought some “healthy” microwave foods for Britton and I so we could avoid aving to order pizza or go out to eat. There is nothing wrong with going out to eat, but I often prefer to buy packaged food rather than go out. When you go out, the nutrition information is not available to you, and you have no clue what they put in the food or how it was prepared!

Something sweet: Light mango spritzer (sweetened with mango puree and white grape juice!)

Detox: Today I was so busy! I drank a detoxifying lemon tea, as well as some peppermint tea (good for digestion!). I also continues to put lemon in my water!

Thoughts: Today was SO HARD. I did great until about 2 pm when i found myself in an extremely stressful sittuation. I was so wound up! I knew I would crave sweets later that night.
To make matters worse, our friends live right beside one of the BEST bakeries in all of K-W! they had never been before, so we went to check it out…. so many delicious items! and a few of them were vegan, too! I would have loved to have a little something, but I stayed strong and had a sourdough pretzel instead! I did end up giving into stress eating, I had about two (big) handfuls of Kettle Chips (my fave).

I’m proud of myself for sticking to my guns. Hopefully day 3 will be easier!


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