Sugar Free Week – Day 1

10 Mar

Today went exceptionally well! I’m proud to report that day one was a smashing success!!

What I ate:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup spelt meal (cooked), 1/2 cup oatmeal (cooked), 1 whole banana, 1 heaping tea-spoon full of Almond/hazelnut butter, chia seeds, 1/4 cup frozen blueberries and cinnamon.

I knew I was NOT eating any of that cereal today. For breakfast I cooked up a pot of spelt/oat meal. I like the consistency of oatmeal much better, but spelt has so many healthy properties! I mix the two 50/50.

I usually add maple syrup to homemade oatmeal to sweeten it a bit, and some fruit and chia seeds. This morning I knew maple syrup wasn’t an option, so a put an ENTIRE sliced ripe banana into my bowl. Worked like a charm!! I also made sure to include some blood-sugar regulating cinnamon with this meal. Overall, I was thrilled with how this turned out.

Snack: Larabar

Lunch:  a HUGE whole wheat pita loaded with humus, romaine lettuce (I hate crappy iceberg!) tomatoes, hot peppers, cucumbers, pickles, mushrooms, onions, and some black olives. I also love me some mustard on mah pita.

This pita was HUGE and SO filling.

Dinner: whole wheat bread strips, raw veggies, humus.

For the record, I usually try to diversify my protein. However, I was still pretty stuffed from my gigantic lunch, and didn’t feel like eating much.  Besides, humus is yummus. Who cares if I ate it twice in one day? I also usually have a snack between lunch and dinner, but that was not in the cards today!

Something sweet: I find sugar cravings are biggest for me right after dinner. I managed to feed the sugar craving by blending one cup of strawberries with ice. SO.GOOD.

I am doing this more often. It was plenty sweet without any added sugar.

Detox: All day today I have been drinking lemon-water. I don’t always keep fresh lemons in the house, so I often find myself squirting some lemon juice (which you can buy at the grocery store for dirt cheap) into the bottom of my glass, and then filling the rest of the glass up with water. A little lemon goes a long way. This is a very detoxifying beverage.

I also had a twenty-minute sweat session in a dry sauna, and hopped into a salt-water pool to cool off and get all the yucky toxins off of my skin. I just love saltwater pools. My skin always feels so nice when I come out!!
For excercise, I swam ten laps in the pool!

Stay tuned for my next post on the benefits of saltwater pools, and an interesting “hydration Station” I’m dying to try out before my wedding!! I’ll also let you know how Sugar free day 2 goes!


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