Hydration Station

10 Mar

I had the worst sleep last night. Lately I’ve been having nightmares about the wedding. Not fun. Last nights phantasmagoria featured being REALLY late for the reception, and my dress being way too big on me. I also dreamt that I was trapped in the hydration station! Scary!! I’m still going to try it though!

What is the Hydration Station, you ask?

Well, let me just start by telling you that I tan at the most fabulous place. Planet Beach Contempo Spa. It is sooooo amazing. When you walk in, you put on these comfy pink fluffy slippers (they have blue too). The interior is gorgeous, there is a station where you can get free tea, coffee, or water. All the rooms have names like “venus”, “moon”, “staurn”, etc. It’s just an awesome place. They really go out of their way to make you feel like a celebrity.

They also offer spa treatments, tooth whitening, spray tan, aqua massage, and the hydration station.

Perhaps not intentionally, the station fits the theme because  the hydration station resembles a little space ship.

Climb aboard this star ship and experience the following:

– You are lying on a little vibration platform, aparently this is supposed to encourage blood flow to the skin while you are lying down.
– the pod begins to produce steam. You have the option of steaming your face, or not. The solution you are being steamed with contains vitamins C and E, as well as other skin-friendly nutrients.
– LED light therapy, you will notice that the lights of the star ship change color. LED light therapy is often used as a treatment for depression and mood imbalance. I know hospitals even use a form of light therapy with jaundiced babies. Other than that, I personally don’t much about it.

Aparently, this baby is AWESOME for your skin. I’ve heard nothing but good things and at Planet Beach your first session is complimentary!!

I’ve decided that I’m going to take this little space ship for a spin! If I like it, I will use it once per month until the wedding. (hint: since this baby is brand-spankin’-new and they are still promoting it, it’s CHEAP.)

I will be sure to post a review when I get around to using it!!

In the meantime, wish me luck on Sugar-Free week day 2 !


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