Tasty Tasting

3 Mar

Oh Emm Gee!!! only 94 days left until the wedding!

Yesterday was “ver excite” (mimics crude european accent) for Britton and I. We had our MENU TASTING!!! Let me tell you, this was the creme de la creme of wedding appointments. This appointment was the delicious maraschino cherry on top of the vegan ice cream.

The food was sensational. We loved every bite of every menu item (and with a buffet, there were quite a few). Not one single change was made to any of the items. The chef was super open-minded and just awesome in general. He told me he was worried about this (vegan) tasting as he likes his steak “so rare it could still moo”.

He also lives by the philosophy that he won’t cook anything he wouldn’t eat himself. And did I mention that he shares my deep loathing of green peppers?? He finds them bitter. True dat, wedding chef, true dat.

Not only was the food excellent, but the service was out of this world. I love everything about Federation Hall. we essentially had the whole place to ourselves, we had our own private server, and they set up a sweet heart table with a gorgeous orchid centerpiece and candles… so romantic.

We brought along another couple to the tasting, both members of the couple are non-vegan and the male-half of the couple is a picky eater. What did they think of the menu? They loved it!!

We left there stuffed to the brim. It was heaven.


2 Responses to “Tasty Tasting”

  1. rovisi March 3, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    How can you not like green peppers? They are lovely! So are red, yellow, and orange peppers.

    …however, hot peppers are a sign of the devil.

  2. Jessica March 4, 2010 at 3:54 am #

    Yum! Sounds delicious, I wish I was there.

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