Bicycles, Stickers and Commons, OH MY!

28 Feb

Woke up this morning. Wrote a blog post. Had a shower. Ran some errands

We bought a saddle for my bike… I wish I had a working camera so I could take a picture of it. Trust me, it’s a beauty! We also managed to snag us some bubble-gum-pink cork handlebar tape (LOVE IT!). Off we went to the community bicycle repair shop, Recycle Cycles to put it all together. Future hubby did a great job putting it all together, and he looked fiiiine doing it. There is just something about seeing a man getting down and dirty with some bicycle grease and a wrench that makes my heart melt. So hot. Love a man who can fix stuff.

People even stopped me in the street to comment on the “sweet handle bar tape”. Pink rules. ❤ Pink.

We grabbed lunch at the Queen Street Common, which is the best café of life.
It’s this really kitschy not-for-profit place run by volunteers. The café & kitchen are Urban Agriculture projects which aim to reconnect city folks with the local food system. All the food is sold at-cost (so it’s cheap. ex: dessert costs 1$). All menu items are vegetarian. They also offer a lot of really great job experience to community members. They have employed ex-cons who need work experience and a solid reference, homeless people who need job experience, youth, new immigrants, etc etc. It’s a really great place where literally everyone is welcome. A lot of socially minded people hang out there, so it’s a really cool crowd. A lot of homeless people, under privileged people, hippies, vegans, business men, retirees… it’s AWESOME. Oh, and did I mention that they sell locally made crafts and projects as well? Just a few weeks ago I was speaking with a man who sells his sketches there. He used to be a homeless drug addict. He got clean with support from the working center, found housing through the Working Center (the same place that runs the Queen Street Commons) and now he works for them by volunteering and selling his sketches (which are gorgeous, by the way!). He’s hoping to get a paying job once he’s got enough work experience.

Check out their site

They do so much more for the community too… I could go on for days.

While we were there, I bought a sweet re-made hoodie from Barter Works (info can be found on the website above). It was nice to get some “new” clothes with no environmental impact. Again, wish I had a camera so I could take pictures and show you all. It’s in the works. Hopefully soon!!

And then we ran boring wedding errands that aren’t worth blogging about.

On the way home on the bus I totes mcgoats saw a couple who were eating popsicles and drinking frozen beverages! SO EXCITED! The winter boycott is catching on. I participated today by not wearing winter boots. My feet were frozen and soaked so it may not have been the best choice, but whatevs.

Off to clean up the kitchen and prepare ingredients for dinner. Not sure what we’re having yet!

How are you boycotting winter?


2 Responses to “Bicycles, Stickers and Commons, OH MY!”

  1. rovisi February 28, 2010 at 11:02 am #

    I’m bra-less at the moment, does that count? I also left my gloves at home today.

  2. Jessica February 28, 2010 at 9:11 pm #

    I wore a skimpy dress to the bar last night instead of wearing something warm!

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