How I stay energized for 12 hour shifts.

26 Feb

I worked a 12er today (to make up for some missed hours when I was sick) and let me tell you, it was HARD. I am officially at 44 hours worked this week and I go back for another 12 tomorrow.

When I know I’m going to be working 12s, I try to avoid sugar as much as possible. Sugar always makes me crash and I end up exhausted by mid-morning. I try to eat lots of fiber and fruits and veggies and a high-protein lunch. I get my energy from whole grains and fruit like banana.

For example, today I had 1/2 cup of All-Bran, 1/2 banana, 1tbsp chia seeds, and unsweetened soymilk (for breakfast), I snacked on an orange and a handful of cinnamon hearts a client offered me (I loooooooove cinnamon hearts!). I had leftover quinoa stuffed peppers and some steamed kale for lunch, snacked on a pear, and had a huge garden salad with balsamic dressing and a black bean burrito for dinner. for “dessert” I had my leftover 1/2 banana with peanut butter. Mmmmm mmmmm… And of course, Caffeine. The wonder drug. I drank two big mugs of maple green tea (OMG SO GOOD!).

So there it is! How I stay energized for 12 hour shifts!

I still get home and feel exhausted, and my knees hurt from being on my feet all day.I also had a huge craving for some hot cocoa but I’m too lazy to make it, so I ate a few squares of dark chocolate instead! And now, here I am enjoying some chips. Whatevs. The 12-hour shift is over. Don’t judge.

I was also tres happy today when I looked outside at 7pm and realized it wasn’t fully dark!! The days are noticeably longer, my friends! Soon it will be spring!! Clearly, my winter boycott is working. Tonight, I’m going to pretend my bedroom is sweltering hot and bust out the fan.

You know, just to get into the spirit of summer. I also won’t let Britton cuddle with me because I’m “too sweaty” then I’m going to spend my weekend sitting on the couch and sucking back cold brewskis and burping the alphabet.
Aaaahhhhh summer…. so close I can taste it.

Well, my WiFi (or as my mom says “Wee Fee”) keeps cutting out and I’m about to throw this fahking thing out the window! TIME FOR BED!!!

Stay tuned for a post on how I’m going to try to stay “fit for free”


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