Productive Day!

25 Feb

I got so much done today!!

I picked up our RSVP cards (I will post photos on the blog of the invites and RSVPs after they’ve been sent out)

I got groceries, picked up a thank-you gift for a friend,  ordered my wedding band, and am in the process of cooking dinner and addressing invites.

While I was out I also picked up my WEDDING SHOES!!! FINALLY!!!
This is THIRD pair I have bought. Third pair’s a charm right?

I got the pale silver ones. They actually look much closer to white than in the picture. I love ’em. Gotta go try them on with the dress though, just to be sure.

I also had the chance to try out a few new products today. While I was picking up groceries at Eating Well Organically, Istumbled upon this drink:

Just so we’re clear here… Lemonade is my favourite juice of all time. OF ALL TIME (ha ha Kanye!)! I don’t drink it often though because of the high sugar content.  I was hoping this lemon, lime, and ginger drink would taste like lemonade and it did!!! The best thing is that the ginger gives it a really nice kick, and there is no sugar added. It’s sweetened with white grape juice! This is pretty much the best beverage ever.  I highly recommend it.
This drink  has also inspired me to start my winter boycott again this year. For te last few winters, I’ve decided to begin my “summer habits” when I decide I’m sick of winter.  I’ve already had a popsicle (and I ate it outside), and some “lemonade”… Now I just need to start wearing a bikini top instead of a bra under some of my clothes and we’re set!!

I also bought these deeeelicious “super fu” patties by Soyarie. I am a fan of Soyarie products in general, so I was not disappointed. They are so great! Made from nuts and seeds… these babies even have peanut butter in the ingredients! and the nutritional profile was excellent.

I chopped them up, cooked them and added them into the quinoa I used to make quinoa stuffed peppers. So good. I will definitely make quinoa stuffed peppers again sometime. Should I post the recipe?? Is this going to be the kind of blog where I post recipes?? Maybe I’ll add a recipe page?? I guess the only problem is that I used a few home-canned things… like home-made tomato paste. Maybe I’ll post the next recipe.

well, I’m off to stat addressing more envelopes before bed! Yay me!!


One Response to “Productive Day!”

  1. Cady February 26, 2010 at 6:00 am #

    Definitely think you should have a recipe page Steph!
    By the way, the drink sounds delicious. I am wondering if there is anywhere around Chatham to get it, hah!

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