<3 Starbucks.

23 Feb

So this past week has been insanity. I worked 3-11pm yesterday, got home at midnight, crawled into bed, and the alarm woke me up bright and early at 5am so I could get ready and be at work by 7am. Brutal.

But I survived. Thanks to my Starbucks arsenal.

Every nurse (or nursing student) has a secret to surviving shift changes (which are inevitable in this profession). Caffeine.

My personal favourite is a grande green tea (usually China Green… but sometimes I switch it up and get Zen Green).

This week had the added bonus of being menstruation week. Yuck. I was absolutely ravenous all day. I was so hungry I told Britton “I bet I could eat a vegetarian.” Oh and I cried during my break because I read a magazine article about a woman who beat breast cancer. And lets not forget the sweets cravings!!!

Which I satisfied with more product purchased at Starbucks (I don’t work for Starbucks, I swear!)

Dr. Lucy’s vegan cookies. Yumm.

I know I should stop buying from them ’cause it’s expen$ive… but some days, you just crave convenience.

Back to magazine articles – I was reading the feb issue of Shape and there was a decent interview with Katharine McPhee. I had no clue who this person even was.

In my defense, I hate American Idol because they love to have two-hour specials that cut into House, MD. How many two-hour specials can one show have??? It’s just greedy and unreasonable.

House > American Idol.

Hugh Laurie > Simon Cowell

Anyways, I quite liked the article and I felt I could really relate to her. Did you know she used to be severely bulimic as well??
I also loved her workout playlist suggestions. She says “Listening to sexy music inspires me to get a sexy body” – SO TRUE!!! Nothing makes me push harder on the elliptical than a feel-good tune.

K-Mc’s playlist suggestions:

Stop the world – Maxwell (never heard it)
Stupid – Sarah McLachlan (again, never heard it)
sex on fire – Kings of Leon (love this song)
Funhouse – Pink (Like it, but don’t love it)
I’m every woman – Whitney Houston (A Bridget Jones classic. I love it!)

Enough tired rambling for one night. Going to watch How I Met Your Mother with almost-hubs, take a bath and hit the hay! No House tonight (ahem).

I think I have made my point.


One Response to “<3 Starbucks.”

  1. Amanda Nightingale February 24, 2010 at 6:34 am #

    I love the song “Stupid” by Sarah McLachlan, it’s one of my favourites.

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