The life of a Bride-to-be.

21 Feb

Know what I did with my precious down time this morning?? YOGA!!!

I love doing yoga at home, especially with the cats around. They are just too funny. Minou (our calico) is obsessed with the yoga mats and wants to be on them at all times. Britton is also pretty into yoga, so it was a family affair.

Then ate a bowl of delicious lentil soup I made with some home-made veggie broth… And then I spent an hour sewing clips into hair extensions. And I’m still not done. It was that, or tackle some of the invitations that still need to be addressed. I am so sick of looking at square chocolate brown envelopes, and I’m about ready to throw my gold-ink pen out the window.

As exciting as it is to be getting married in 104 days (but who’s counting?), I’ve gotten to the part of wedding planning where I have to do all the little, annoying, time-consuming, detail stuff. Yuck.

I am also starting to feel the pressure to “look my best” and that’s getting to me a bit. I have to be very careful not to become obsessed with my appearance. Brides put so much pressure on themselves!! Sometimes I need to stop and remind myself what the wedding day is truly about. I am telling myself that I want to start out my marriage as healthy as possible, and that means mentally healthy as well. I am trying to focus my attention on our future marriage, and not the wedding. The wedding is one day, the marriage will last a lifetime. Marriage is my mantra.

Well, it’s almost 2am and I’m quite sleepy. I also sense that if I don’t wrap up this post, it will turn into something long and laaaame.*yawn*



One Response to “The life of a Bride-to-be.”

  1. rovisi February 23, 2010 at 1:14 am #

    You didn’t tell me you’ve got your extensions!!! How do they look?

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